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Ellen McNabb (Sheneberger )
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Everyday the sun comes up is a good day!  Yes, the puppies look much better than I do. Crap... Send Ellen a MessageSend Ellen a Message
Caroline Castle (Hicks)
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Patrick Gilliland
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Kevin Koval
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Nancy Morgan (Adzija)
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Dianna Montano (Valenzuela)
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Lois Hoyt (Williams)
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Susie Lewis
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Roxy Kirk
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Lance Van Buskirk
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Forty Years, my how time flies!! Send Lance a MessageSend Lance a Message
Rita Ortega (Martinez)
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Rowan Patty McClellan (Wynter de Corrie)
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Can't wait to see everybody that I used to know! It should be lots of fun! Send Rowan a MessageSend Rowan a Message
Jonathan Brown
We all look so MATURE! See you there.
Ruth Senter (Nail)
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Linda Trester (Kelly)
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Tony Aronson
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Mike Leinneweber
Go Old  Hornets Send Mike  a MessageSend Mike a Message
Francie Shepherd (Cooper)
Tim Coughenour
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Sarah Fritz (Fuller)
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Karen Weil (Loftus)
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Kevin Jackson
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Steve Schneider
Joe Gorman
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Page Roff (Gettman)
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Connie Berger (Levy)
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Kirk Wall
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Debby Hesse (Friedman)
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connie vigil
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Debra Farrell (Erdman)
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